How does Grocery Bank work?

To bank a grocery item, text Grocery Bank the name or picture of any Walmart grocery.  Grocery Bank will respond with the price and a link to pay for it using PayPal.  Paying for the grocery item adds it to your bank. 

When you're ready to take something out of your bank, text Grocery Bank to schedule a next-day delivery time.  Your groceries will be delivered to your home for free.


Will you really spot me $10?

Yes!  Current Grocery Bank users have told us the they sometimes find themselves under-prepared for an emergency, meaning they don't have enough banked groceries to get through a difficult time.  Also, some of our users happen to find Grocery Bank during their time of need and have not yet had time to bank groceries. 

We've got you covered!  We will spot you $10 worth of groceries to get through a difficult time.  Just pay us back in the following month.  We're confident you'll see the impact Grocery Bank has on your life and pay us back so you can continue to bank groceries.


Are there any fees?

No, NONE!  We don't charge a markup on the groceries, delivery is free and there is no interest if you need to borrow $10 worth of groceries from us.


How do I Pay for groceries I add to my bank?

With PayPal.  After texting the item name to Grocery Bank, you'll get a PayPal link like this:

Click the link and follow the simple steps.  Payments are protected with PayPal Purchase Protection.


How do I schedule delivery?

Requests received by 8PM will be delivered the next day.  Grocery Bank will text to confirm the time window that works for you. There is no delivery fee.


Is Grocery Bank safe?

Yes.  Grocery Bank purchases are protected with PayPal Purchase Protection.  Grocery Bank uses state-of-the-art security measures. 


Does Grocery Bank cost anything?

Grocery Bank is completely free to use.  You do have to pay for the items you add to your bank.  The price you pay for adding grocery items to your bank is the same price of that item at Walmart, there is no markup. 


Do I need PayPal?

Yes.  You need a PayPal account to pay.  You can choose to pay from a debit card, credit card or your PayPal balance.  With PayPal your payments are protected with PayPal Purchase Protection.


How long do the items in my account last?

They’re yours.  They don’t expire.


How do I know what I have in my Grocery Bank?

Text anytime for an up-to-date balance of what’s in your account.


What if I forget what’s in my Grocery Bank?

We’ll send you periodic reminders so you don’t forget what items you’ve saved.


What if an item is out of stock?

We’ve got you covered.  We’ll suggest a substitute or upgrade you to a larger size or more expensive brand.


Can I add non-grocery items?

Grocery Bank does work with household consumables like paper towels and detergent.  You can also add consumable baby products like baby food and formula.  It does not work yet with durable goods like a laptop or a stroller.  If you have a question on a certain item just text a picture and Grocery Bank will confirm whether it qualifies.


Is there a limit?

Currently, Grocery Bank is limited to 3 of a single item and 15 total items in your bank at any given time.  It is also limited to 2 home deliveries a month.  If you have a question about a limit on a certain item, just text a picture and Grocery Bank will confirm whether it qualifies.


Where is Grocery Bank currently available?

At this time, Grocery Bank is available in metro Phoenix.  It will be rolling out to other cities soon.


Does Grocery Bank work with Walmart rollbacks?

Yes.  You buy items at their current price when you put them into Grocery Bank.


Does Grocery Bank work with coupons or price match?

Grocery Bank currently has no way to accept coupons or verify price match prices.


What happens if the item price goes up or down after I’ve banked it?

You buy items when you put them into Grocery Bank, so you do not lose or benefit from price changes after banking an item.